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Crabby Post of the Day

Look, I realize that celebrities are going to publish books.  And I realize that they’ll occasionally end up being interviewed about them–just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean they don’t care about sales, and I don’t begrudge them going for a bit of publicity.  But can interviewers please stop asking them about the publishing process?  And if they are asked about finding agents or the editing process or how many books earn out advances and what that means or whatever, can the authors in question please just admit they don’t know, and don’t need to?

If you’re a movie star who decided to sit down and write a children’s book and got it published in 3 months, you probably don’t have any advice that would be all that useful to the rest of us, is all I’m saying.

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Get Me, Being Like Scalzi

Granted, I recently pointed out when Scalzi was wrong about everything, but it is nice to be able to imitate his “New Books and ARCs” feature with all the books that have arrived at my house:

Junior Inquisitor

I should also point out that the top book on Scalzi’s pile, there?  I haven’t technically got my grubby hands on that ARC, but I’ve read it also, since I’m like an industry insider and all, and you should too.  You know, later – when the hoi polloi gets its chance.

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Author Photos

Personally, I plan to go for the “Author with dog” genre of author photo, as exemplified by these guys here

(though this dog is frankly not properly into the “noble hound” look, and there is a shocking lack of tweed with leather elbow patches).  But it seems that the trend is away from pipes and toward cigarettes, at least for Very Serious male writers, as shown here by Szilvia Molnar.

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This Is How You Dominate The Industry, People

laces2I just got an email telling me that Amazon is sending me a pair of shoelaces by FedEx.  I didn’t pay to have shoelaces rushed to a turboprop plane waiting on a runway in the dead of night, and I don’t feel any particular urgency about getting these laces because I figure the knot in the old pair will hold for a while, but by Jove they’re sparing no expense.

The only problem is that while I understand that sending shoelaces winging around the country at great expense is part of the grand plan that will eventually allow Amazon to dominate retail sales (1. Pay shippers about $6 to mail things that cost less than $5 and aren’t needed soon 2. ??? 3. Profit!), I just … really don’t want to be someone who gets shoelaces by FedEx.  I hope the shipping label isn’t obvious, because I don’t know if I can look the driver in the eye if he knows what he’s handing me.

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