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Turns Out I’m Pretty Good at Touch Typing

typingI normally practice the kind of three or four-fingered high-speed hunting and pecking known as “engineer’s touch typing” – that is, typing with just a couple fingers in a kind of ad hoc manner (my right hand has somehow become responsible for more of the keyboard than the left, for example), but pretty fast – fast enough, frankly that my brain can’t really get ahead anyway if I’m doing anything more complicated than transcribing.

I generally look at the keyboard as I type, or at least glance at it now and again, but for a long time I’ve been able to type without looking for short bursts.  Yesterday, though, I discovered that I can actually crank out whole paragraphs while staring off into space, and actually make fewer typos than usual.  The key is typing up a novel synopsis, something  I hate doing so much that I can apparently enter a fugue state in an effort to just get it over with.

So I suppose I could crank out prose much faster, as long as I found it banal and annoying.  Something to consider, I suppose.

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In Which John Scalzi Is Wrong About Everything

Right here.comma


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Most Bonechilling Idea Yet

If I can’t use this as the prompt for the most bonechilling story ever, well, I don’t know what’s wrong with me:


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