Shannara Time!

elfstonesI see MTV is moving forward with a Shannara TV series.  I’d feel bad for old Terry Brooks, sort of riding George Martin’s coattails on the whole “make a TV series out of a fantasy novel series” thing.  They both started writing around the same time, but Brooks published the first book in his big ol’ fantasy series way before Martin.  I bet ol’ Terry gets quite a ribbing at the writer barbeques.

But at least the MTV series is starting with Book 2, Elfstones of Shannara.  Because let’s face it, if they’d done a Sword of Shannara movie, he would have looked even more coat-tailish, since it would have been a acene-by-scene remake of a movie someone else made not long ago.


On the other hand, the Shannara series currently consists of like twenty or thirty books, so there is little risk of George Martin-esque issues of outrunning the books.  I think Brooks may occasionally write another Shannara book by accident, actually.  Sure, they may run together a bit by book three, from what I recall, but that’s what script doctors are for.


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