Today’s Horrifying Sight

Man, what is this?


I mean, on the most basic level, it is a sign that announces that one can shred CDs here.  But the enthusiasm of the text, with its exclamation point, is kind of unsettling to begin with.  The fact that the CD in the picture is smiling so cheerfully while being shredded is next-level unsettling.  But the really unsettling part is that we’re clearly not looking at a happily suicidal anthropomorphic compact disc.  No, that is obviously a grinning lil’ Cthulu hiding behind a shredder.  Those aren’t shreds of aluminum, my friends – they are obviously tentacles.

I think I’m staying clear of that shredder, is what I’m saying.  Shredders are probably the worst otherworldy portals there are.

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  1. Lincoln Farish

    I think it would be wise to avoid the Cthulu brand shredder. No good would ever come of using it.