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Crabby Post of the Day

Look, I realize that celebrities are going to publish books.  And I realize that they’ll occasionally end up being interviewed about them–just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean they don’t care about sales, and I don’t begrudge them going for a bit of publicity.  But can interviewers please stop asking them about the publishing process?  And if they are asked about finding agents or the editing process or how many books earn out advances and what that means or whatever, can the authors in question please just admit they don’t know, and don’t need to?

If you’re a movie star who decided to sit down and write a children’s book and got it published in 3 months, you probably don’t have any advice that would be all that useful to the rest of us, is all I’m saying.

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What’s Ruining the English Language Now?

destroyedWordOr rather, what used to be?  There’s a nice compilation by Lauren Davis at I09 about various things that have been blamed by descriptivists past for messing up English.  Now, I think we can all agree the the English tung
shoulde be written unmixt, cleane and pure, and that Shakespeare ruined everything by using metaphors even if English makes no sense whatsoever without them.  But some of these complaints seem a bit overblown, if familiar.

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Flash Fiction

Papa, writing some sci-fi

Papa, writing some sci-fi

Raymond Chandler may not have thought much of science fiction, but who knew that Hemingway wrote it, with his most famous bit of flash fiction?

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