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Finally, I Can Enjoy Books Properly

If you’re like me, you agree that there is nothing more annoying than reading a book in a series out of order.  It’s almost as bad as being prevented from compulsively reading the foreword, afterword, and author’s notes.

So you, too, will rejoice in the website Order of Books.  It lists different series of books in their proper order, both by publication (which is the easy part), and by chronological order, for those series where the author gets all famous and successful and either a) can finally indulge in exploring origin stories, or b) realizes they need to go back in time because they ran too far forward too quickly and risk their characters getting to old to jump from car to car during a freeway chase or whatever.

So now, with a quick check, you can read in comfort, secure that you won’t suffer the horror of reading Sharpe’s Eagle before Sharpe’s Havoc (seriously, Bernard Cornwell – when you give every book in a series a two-word title, and make the first word the same for all twenty-three titles you aren’t giving us all that much to go on)


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And What Have You Learned From Johnathan Franzen Lately?

Not to reopen the never-ending battle between advocates of literary vs. genre fiction, but I assume by now everyone has heard about the girl that saved a friend’s life using first aid techniques she learned by reading The Hunger Games.  I’d always assumed The Hunger Games was more useful for information on shooting people with arrows, but there you go.

But what useful skills has anyone ever picked up from reading literary fiction?  How to make cutting remarks?  How best to map the travails and grievances of previous generations of your family?

I’m just sayin’.



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Another Book, the Third

Once again, it takes a book by Carrie Patel to break my long silence in the blogosphere.  As you can tell by comparing the cover to previous entries in the trilogy, things have taken a less chaotic turn, but things are still very exciting indeed.  And now dirigibles are involved!

Thanks to my long delay in posting, of course, you may have already read about it elsewhere, but in any case, pick up a copy today.  It makes a great Father’s Day gift.

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