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It’s Tuesday Again!

Redneck_Eldritch_coverAs happens occasionally, it’s Tuesday, which means another Redneck Eldritch Teaser.  This time, it’s Nightmare Fuel, by David Dunwoody.

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It’s Tuesday!

Redneck_Eldritch_coverWhich means it’s time for another Redneck Eldritch teaser.  This week’s offering is Mine of the Damned Gods, by Sarah Seeley.  Enjoy!

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Yet Another Teaser

Redneck_Eldritch_coverThe third story preview for Redneck Eldritch is up!  This time it’s the fine story Recording Devices, by D.J. Butler.

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Moar Teaser!

Redneck_Eldritch_coverAnother preview of a story in the Redneck Eldritch anthology is up – The Swimming Hole, by Theric Jepson.  Also, as you can see, the final cover art is up.

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I am the proud owner of several (mainly) loyal pets.  For the most part, they perform their roles as expected (lying around or enthusiastically sniffing things, respectively).  But every now and again, one or both will give me this look, as if I’ve just done something very peculiar and possibly transgressive.  The last time this happened, I asked the hound “Do I look like a weirdo?”  Nothing odd about that, but the disconcerting thing is that having uttered that, the whole of the “Captain Vegetable” song from the golden age of Sesame Street sprang into my head (except for a small gap after Eddie says that spaghetti is a “lovely thing that looks like string”).

I’m trying to come up with something else I recall so clearly from my childhood (or more likely, college years), and coming up empty.


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promo-cover_REI’ve contributed a story to the upcoming Redneck Eldritch anthology from Cold Fusion Media (I prefer to call it “American Gothic” so I look classier when folks ask about my latest project down at the country club, but whatever).  Anyhoo, in advance of the publication in April, there will be a sting of teasers for the various stories in the anthology.  Check out the first one, for A Hole In the World, by Ian Welke, here.

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