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A Very Special Tuesday

Redneck_Eldritch_cover_namesNot only is this the Tuesday you get to see the sneak peak of my story (The Gears Turn Below), but it’s also the Tuesday where the anthology we’re talking about goes on sale!

So check it out – makes the perfect Mother’s Day present.

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Tuesday Teaser

Redneck_Eldritch_coverToday’s Redneck Eldritch teaser is Slicker, by Robert J Defendi. ¬†Enjoy!

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It’s Wednesday!

Redneck_Eldritch_coverSo, yeah, I got busy, but here’s yesterday’s Redneck Eldritch teaser – Lake Town, by Garrett Calcaterra. ¬†Enjoy!

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Today’s Teaser

Redneck_Eldritch_coverToday, we have People of the Other Book, by Robert Masterson, a delightfully creepy tale, in my humble opinion.

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