New Digs

internetBookSo here I am at a new Universal Resource Locator.  The old URL(s) and website were intended to be focused on my horror/vaguely Lovecraftian writing, and they’d drifted away from that focus, so it seemed time for a more general-purpose site.  Also, setting up a new website is sort of like rearranging furniture, and who doesn’t want to do that every once in a while?  My intention is to try out some new things content-wise as well, and we’ll see how long that resolution lasts.

I would continue on, and make this first post of my new internet manifestation more memorable, but daylight savings time just started, and man, I just … what?  Was I saying something?

Anyway, for older posts, go here.  But be careful, you might find yourself going in a circle.

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