Words Mean Something, Dammit, Part II

I don’t want to make everyone jealous, but check out the letter I just got:


That’s right, it’s from the Department of Issuance.  That’s the department that issues things.  And not only that, it is from program headquarters of the Department of Issuance.  I mean, some of ya’ll might have been issued something from a regional or even state office of the Department of Issuance, but this is clearly the big time – the home office in Rolling Meadows, IL (well known epicenter of issuances).

As the envelope said, there was not a moment to waste, so I opened it immediately, and it turns out I am a finalist in a contest.  So this is probably my last post, given that I’m guaranteed to win one of several prizes, and most of them are pretty kick-ass.  I don’t know if I can see slaving away at a blog after I win a sweet new Corolla.

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