submarineYa’ll have likely heard by now about the Subway employee in Worchester, in the UK, causing a bit of a kerfluffle by using the bread oven where she worked to dry her wet socks (and gloves, but really, it is the socks that have caught everyone’s attention).  One can understand, of course – the weather there has been terrible and floody lately, so there is no doubt an epidemic of wet socks everywhere (and it’s not like the odd pair of drying socks will make Subway bread cooking smell any weirder).  Given the fact that Subway has glass-front ovens that they just stick out in front of God and everybody, it seems like it would be wise to set aside special sock ovens, at least in flood-prone areas.  Or the employee in question could have used the cheese-melting oven, which is not only lacks the glass front, but is designed to cook, and dry socks, very quickly indeed – she would have had a good chance to get the socks out before anyone noticed.  Except never mind – she was “caught” because she took a picture of the socks and posted it to Instagram – very little can be done to shield such a person from the consequences of her actions.

Anyway, I’m not here to post about floods, or socks, or social media.  My focus is language.  Specifically, what’s up with Subway restaurants in the UK?  Shouldn’t they be called “Tubes”?  Actually, it’s odd enough to have a Subway in Worchester, MA, much less the original Worchester, because they call subs “grinders” in Massachusetts.  Of course, that brings  up the fact that “sub”, as in sandwiches, reference submarines, not subways, which are totally different types of transportation.

We’re through the looking glass here, people – none of this makes any sense.


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  1. Hey! You changed your site. Now how do I sign up for this one…

    I think the words people come up with for sandwiches are weird, in general. I call them sammies. Like, a samwich, sammie. Makes sense, right?

    I hadn’t heard about the socks in oven thing. Thanks for putting me off Subway sandwiches for a while…

    • admin

      Yeah, but if said you were going to have a sammie, I’d assume it was something on regular bread. How am I supposed to be able to know whether you are eating a regular sandwich, one that is on a long roll? (your subs, your grinders, your heroes, your po’ boys, etc.) These distinctions are important.

      As for subscribing, hopefully you found the button way down at the bottom of the page.